IF-9 Shotgun

IF-9 Shotgun and Velvet Remedy Statuette.
~ DAfavicon Burnout42

The IF-9 combat shotgun was a drum-fed shotgun, developed by Ironshod Firearms.


The combat shotgun is a more modern evolution of the shotgun, combining a large magazine with high close-range damage. The drum-fed weapon negated the need to reload as frequently as a typical shotgun, granted a greater ammunition storage capacity, and allowed for a relatively higher firing rate compared to most shotguns.

Its common appearance in the Wasteland, as well as its ability to quickly wreak havoc in close ranges makes it a popular weapon amongst raiders, mercenaries, and gangsters.


The weapon was originally found by Littlepip near Ponyville, when she first emerged from Stable 2. The slavers that had captured her, were taking Littlepip and Moneterey Jack across the Raider Toll bridge where they were killed alongside the Raiders in a gunfight. Littlepip claimed the shotgun from a dead body after Moneterey Jack tried to rob her with a sawn-off shotgun, but realised that Littlepip had the upperhoof as her weapon was in much better condition than his own.

The weapon is used again by Velvet Remedy when rescuing a group of Foals from Raiders. Velvet's rage and disgust with them, drives her to angrily kill one of the Raiders.

Notable UsersEdit

Littlepip acquired one of these during her travels, and it was later used by Velvet Remedy to kill a Raider.

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