Full Name Hurdles
Race Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role The Watchers (Laborer)
Family Orphan
Status Alive

Hurdles is a secondary main character of Rolling Bones. He is an earth pony stallion sporting a deep red coat and a blue/white mane.


Orphaned at a young age, Hurdles was raised by the Watchers of Dise. Though given the opportunity and incentive to learn more constructive skills, Hurdles showed very little aptitude in either the medical or agricultural fields. This normally would have necessitated his departure from the compound when he came of age were it not for his size and physical abilities.

Growing up along side Lucky Sevens, the two stallions shared little in common. Through continued and persistent interactions with their mutual friend Aloe Vera, however, they became close friends more out of necessity than anything else. Their opposing views and personalities lead to many arguments and near fights through out the years, only recently reaching the breaking point.

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