Hufstein is the town with connection to the sea at the border of Equestria and the Zebra empire.

History Edit

Medieval Times Edit

The town settled around Fort Hufstein and became an important junction for it's practical connection from the sea into the mainland. Fort and Town have gone back and forth between Equestria and local Zebra tribes a few times until Equestria gained the upper hoof.

During the War Edit

Hufstein was widely abandoned by the civil population of Equestria after a fear of another Littlehorn Massacre. The Fort however got upgraded to an modern military base.

After the War Edit

As the residential area of the town was hardly bombed and mostly intact the ponies of the Wastelands could simply move in.

Population and Politics Edit

As Ponies and Zebras tried to claim Hufstein after the war, they came to an agreement of letting the past behind them, and accepting everyone in the town. The city even democratically chooses their mayors.

Trivia Edit

  • Hufstein is a ponification of Kufstein, they even share a similar medieval history, located at a important junction and having been back and forth from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Bavaria.

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