It’s important that we learn from our history, Doodle, so that the past won’t repeat itself. Ignorance only makes more monsters.
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Family Sugar Rum (Mother), Summer Smiles (Aunt), Doodle (Sister)
Status Alive

Hops, introduced in Chapter 9, is a crippled unicorn  filly who lives with her aunt, Summer Smiles, and her twin sister, Doodle.  She is a supporting character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn.    


Hops is soft-spoken and demure, and is very uncomfortable around ponies she doesn't know. She is also frightened and startled easily, and clings to her family for support. Hops can be easily underestimated, however, as she appears to be more mature and much wiser than her twin sister. She has a greater understanding of the world at large, as she often spends her time reading inside rather than playing games with her sibling or her aunt. Unlike Doodle, she enjoys and appreciates it when Candy Cane educates them on Equestrian History and other school subjects.  

Despite being so shy and quiet, her patience does have a breaking point. She raises her voice sometimes if pushed to anger.  


Doodle and Hops, the fatherless children born of Sugar Rum, lived with their mother and their aunt, Summer Smiles prior to Rising Dawn. They continue to do so today, but with their mother gone due to work, Summer Smiles has become, not only their caretaker, but a second mother to them.    


Hops, despite being unable to walk, has learned how to manipulate objects with her magic, something most fillies her age don't learn to do until much older.

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