Hoofstead is a settlement within Manehattan located in the northern quarter. It is featured in Fallout: Equestria - The Last Sentinel. It is primarily built from the ruins of homes and mansions already standing in the area and then fortified by a scrap fence and scaffold watchtowers.

Frost's JourneyEdit

Frost Windchill, Rig, and Azrael Razorwing traveled to Hoofstead to tie up loose ends regarding the slaves that Sewn Britches dealt with. It turned out that Hoofstead attracted the majority of its business through trade- the slave trade. After dispatching a guard and disguising himself, Frost infiltrated the brothel, seeking to put an end to it. To his surprise, he recognized the area of Manehattan and realized that the brothel was, in fact, his old home.

Consumed by rage, Frost almost lost his life after hastily confronting Snake Charmer, the mistress of the brothel, without remembering to take care of the slave collars on the mares inside. Rig and Azrael, however, bailed him out just in time and rectified the situation.

From there, Frost and his friends set the slaves free and equipped them for their journeys home and proceeded to ensure that Hoofstead would remain free of the slave trade forever... one way or another.