Leaders(s) Mr. House
Notable Members Hired Gun, Starscream, Tight Lips, Wishing Star
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Heroes

The Hizais are a faction of cyborgs under the exclusive control of Mr. House.


Every member of the Hizais has some form of cybernetics. It is a personal requirement from Mr. House himself, that each Hizai has some form of Cybernetics. Mr. House tries to recruit cyborgs into the Hizai's to keep them from giving a bad name to cyborgs in general but also to continue to be seen as the head of the cybernetic's empire.

The Hizai live and operate out of Mr. House's casino, the Black Salamander, having high class private suites and a steady flow of caps as payment for their services.

The Hizai are divided into three departments/groups.

Internal DepartmentEdit

Leader: Tight Lips

Handles defence and security for all of Mr. House's assets.


Leader: Wishing Star

Dedicated to infiltrating various groups for Mr. House and has the smallest number of operatives but the most specialized ones.


Leader: Starscream

Handles work for Mr. House outside of Dise. Such as negotiating with factions or settling situations directly or indirectly.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

Technology Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

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