Race Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Red Eye/Fillydelphia
Status Alive
Hive is a slave master tasked with running the operations at the Parasprite Pits in Fillydelphia.


Present DayEdit

Hive was assigned Murky Number Seven as well as three other slaves as part of their punishments for misbehaviour on their part. Murky himself had his life in Hive's hooves and tried his best to work hard so that she would reassign him back to Protégé. Hive set Murky the task of hauling the heavy wagons of Parasprite nests to the furnaces where they would be properly disposed of.

During Murky's shift, a hive burst open, starting a chain reaction that caused the sprites to swarm in a crazed feeding frenzy. Hive organised the slavers and slaves into destroying the swarming parasprites until they calmed down once again. She was infuriated with one of her slavers whose panic caused a small group of ten parasprites to escape and head over to the Ministry of Image Hub nearby.

Murky volunteered for the task of clearing out the Parasprites in hopes of impressing Hive. He managed to bribe Hive with a hoard of Mint-als he purchased from Sooty Moraas using items he looted from the Hub. Murky was given back to Protégé, Hive stubbornly refusing to tell Protégé what Murky had done to impress her and only after Murky began to leave did Hive realize that Murky never told her where she could find the Mint-al's.



Hive has a deep blue coat and a dark purple mane that is stringy and filthy against her blue coat. She is covered in various sores and tooth marked scars, likely from working in the parasprite pits. She is always seen wearing a yellow enivronmental hazard suit.


Hive is a capable overseer with experience in working in the parasprite pits. She is intolerant of incompetence, especially amongst the slavers in her emply.


  • Is foul mouthed, often swearing.
  • She is a mint-al addict.
  • Hive is described as hideous and having an extremely pungent smell.

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