Hippocratic Research was a wartime company, mostly used as a front organisation by the Office of Interministry Affairs. They also performed numerous experiments and research for the O.I.A.


During the WarEdit

Hippocratic Research was known for creating a vast array of products that they produced and shipped off to various parts of Equestria. The company used Flim and Flam as their public faces, advertising the various products created by the company and providing their voices or actually starring in some of their adverts, like the ones they were making for Scorposprites and Nightstalkers.

The company's headquarters was built over Project Chimera's laboratories, where the project was researched in secret and the raw magical substance known as Flux was extracted from Discord. The company irresponsibly disposed of their contaminated Flux, which drew the attention of Twilight Sparkle who was investigating Flux as a component for use in her artificial alicorn project.

Known productsEdit

Scorposprite - Created using the Project Chimera fusion technology to fuse a scorpion with a parasprite. The creatures were still being properly developed for commercial sale but were sold to the Equestrian military who would deploy them in the Zebra homeland.

Nightstalker - Created using the same technology that birthed the scorposprite, nightstalkers are a fusion of dog and rattlesnake. They have survived into the present day and are known to exist in the wasteland in various locales.

Sparkle~Cola - They were apparently responsible for creating and selling the popular beverage.

Fake Statuettes - They were planning on creating their own version of the statuette's, though they were notably cheap looking in comparison. Blackjack discovered one of these in Hippocratic Research's Headquarters.

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