Helix is a unicorn mare and protagonist in Fallout: Equestria - Ouroboros . She is part of the surviving group that survive the mass exodus of Stable 17 . In the stable she was in charge of the Genome Mapping machine, was part of the medical staff and ran the bio-chemistry laboratories. Her cutie mark is a double helix between two test tubes.

In the wasteland she can work as a field medic and can use her knowledge of biology and chemistry to find natural remedies and help stretch any medical or food supplies. In combat she uses a single Blackhawk Semi-automatic pistol but is usually kept busy tending to the wounded.

Helix has blue eyes, soft toned purple hide and a darker toned purple mane with dark streaks. Her mane is long, stopping just below her shoulders while her tail is of an average length and naturally falls into five sweeping points.

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