Harbinger is a unique variant of the Kord 6P50 heavy machine gun. The weapon belongs to Azrael Razorwing and is her primary firearm.


The original Kord machine gun was used by The Dead Boys, a private military company, and was part of their extensive arsenal of advanced, heavy weaponry. The weapon was given to Azrael when she became a leader of The Dead Boys and was modified to cater to her unique needs and strengths. Azrael used Harbinger alongside her ghostfire scythe, Valkyrie, earning a fierce reputation on the battlefield. When Azrael and the rest of the Razorwings opted to defect from the Dead Boys, finding their methods too cruel and immoral to continue serving with them, she kept her weapons and has used them ever since.


Harbinger, like other heavy weapons, would be difficult to wield as a regular weapon were it not for Azrael's huge size and strength. The weapon has two unique gem-powered spell matrices built into it, the first talisman electrifying rounds fired, making them brutally effective against robotic enemies that Azrael would otherwise be at a disadvantage against. The second talisman is a temporal rewind matrix that resets the weapon on its personal timeline to a point when it is reloaded to factory-fresh condition, complete with a full 200-round belt box. The matrix takes eight seconds for complete restoration and reload, but it also means that Azrael never needs to scour for the rare 12.7 NSVT rounds or replacement parts. The only apparent downside to such a matrix is that no further modifications to Harbinger can be made. Otherwise, the Kord's sheer firepower allows it to puncture power armor with ease, liquifying its targets by the sheer, pulverizing force. It forgoes any option for stealth for the ability to turn typical cover into mere concealment- not the best option against a telepathic foe.

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