Hans levitating With Love.

"There is a science to sex Artemis, and I got a PHD.” 

-Hans - Chapter 22


              Hans is the first friend that Artemis ever made and a major character in Fallout Equestria and The Number Station. The two of them met when she was young and he's proven an invaluable ally and friend, through good times and bad. Hans has always had a vice for alcohol and sex. He can often be found in bed (or on the floor, bathtub, couch, you get the idea) with any stallion lover that he's chosen for the night. Despite his wanton hedonism Hans does know where his loyalties lie and he takes it upon himself to unofficially act as Artemis's wingpony.

Hans special power is in his cutie mark, a heart. He has the ability to identify anyone's sexuality and who they are infatuated with even if they don't know themselves, not to mention he's an excellent shot with his signature pistol "With Love"


Sex Male
Race Unicorn
Family None
Affiliation To his own pleasure
Coat Pink
Mane Blonde


  • With Love is described as a engraved chrome pistol with a pearl grip which closely resemble "Maria" from Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The first person Artemis killed was one of Hans' ex-boyfriends that didn't take their break up too well.

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