Gust and Gale
Race Pegasus
Sex Both Mares
Faction/Role Grand Pegasus Enclave
Status Alive
Gust and Gale are a pair of twins who were part of Mach's team during his reconnaissance mission to Maripony.


Present DayEdit

Gust and Gale were Mach's superior officers during his mission to Maripony, to test fire the experimental coilgun. They arrived at Maripony where they began searching for an alicorn to test fire the coilgun on. One of the alicorns ambushed the pegasi, vaporizing Gale with her magic.

Gust was distraught, saved only by Mach who forced her to retreat with him. Upon arriving at Neighvarro, Gust blamed Mach for her sister's death and tried to kill him, forcing Mach to kill her. 



Gust and Gale were a pair of identical twins, they had dark blue eyes and light grey coats. They were easy to tell apart as Gale wore her charcoal grey mane in a bun whilst her sister wore her own mane in a braid.


Gust and Gale were practically inseperable, often working in tandem with one another. They shared a strong dislike of Mach and followed Enclave protocol to the letter.

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