Gundhoof, mentioned in the Prologue: When a Stable Sets Sail, was the former Overmare of Stable 30.

Gundhoof is a side character in the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Adrift.

Full Name Gundhoof
Title Overmare (formally)
Race unicorn
Sex mare
Faction/Role Stable 30 Overmare (Formally)
Status deceased

History Edit

Past Edit

Was the Overmare of Stable 30 for years before Gristle. She appointed Dr. Marine Bio to her position as head researcher. She also appointed Posey to her position as Overmare/stallion assistant.

Sometime before her death she was pushed down some stair by an unknown attacker, though security ruled it an accident caused by her old age. She took it as an attempt on her life and recorded a memory for her successor that was about how she had really died despite the report claim and that they should watch their back.

She eventually died suddenly in her sleep. Though it was ruled as natural causes it is possible that it was murder.

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