Spoiler-Proofing is the act of formatting an article to be as friendly as possible to new users, while still providing enough information about the topic to maintain a high degree of encyclopedic integrity.

Spoiler-proofing does not mean removing all spoilers from an article, or hiding all of it behind a spoiler tag. It simply means to add spoiler tags to introductory paragraphs for the article and sections, then ensuring that major plot developments are kept out of these paragraphs and moved to later ones.


  • Since the introductory section of an article is basically a concise summary of the topic, it should be as spoiler-free as possible. If you must use spoilers, they should be hidden behind a spoiler tag.
  • Similary, the first paragraph of a section should also be as spoiler-free as possible, and should only contain information relevant to the moment in the story during which the concept is introduced.
    • Example: the first paragraph of the Personality section in the Littlepip article should talk about Littlepip's personality pertaining only to the moment she was introduced in the story. If her personality evolves throughout the course of the story, this sort of information should be used in later paragraphs.
  • Spoiler tags should only be used in info-boxes and in the first paragraph of an article. After the first paragraph, you are free to use spoilers without the use of a spoiler tag.

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