Guardian Angel
Race Unicorn
Sex male
Faction/Role wastelander

Stable 55 pony

Family unknown
Status Alive

The pony named Guardian Angel accompanies Whirling Feather, the protagonist of the story Fallout Equestria: Fallen Angels, on her way through the wasteland.

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(Warning: This page may contain spoilers concerning the story mentioned above)


He doesn't talk about his past. He wandered the wasteland for about fifteen years and acted as a caravan guard most of the time.

His cutie mark is a burned away, not unlike a Dashite's branding, and is replaced by the silhouette of a flying alicorn. It is hinted that he was part of a cult whose members worshiped the princesses and their Angels and once wore this branding as a sign of membership.

Present DayEdit

He found Whirling Feather after the crash landing of her vertibuck and brought her to Springmare for medical treatment.

Since then he accompanies her on her journey.


The life in the Equestrian Wasteland made him very cautious towards anything that might be a threat to him or his companions. He hates raiders and tends to shoot everypony on sight who might be one. He has sworn to protect Whirling Feather for reasons yet unknown and puts her life over his own or that of any other being around them.

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Twin pistols - Guardian Angel uses a pair of black pre-war automated pistols one of them has a black slide, the other a silverih one. He only uses them against raiders and ponies who threaten his pegasus companion. They are designed to be fired by unicorns only so there is no mouth-grip, the magazines are weighted by a gemstone embedded into their bottoms, which make it easier to concentrate magic on them. Both weapons are heavy framed and the muzzles are ornamented with a right-angled triangle at the bottom of the barrel. They don't need to be maintained and are equipped with a unique safety catch system to avoid other unicorns from using them.
  • Foreleg holsters - while he carries his normal wasteland guns in holsters strapped to the outside of his forelegs, near his hooves, the pre-war guns are hidden away at the inner side of his forelegs. The pre-war guns are "loaded" into this special kind of holster and if they are drawn, a small system of levers deactivate the several safety catches.

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