Guard Tom
Full Name Unknown
Title The Guard
alias Guard Tom
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Equestria
12 Worthy Knights
Family Guard Mark (Adoptive-Brother/Best Friend)
Status Alive

Guard Tom was a member of the Royal Guard and one of the 12 Worthy Knights. Guard Tom was also a Prison Guard in Canterlot sometime during the latest events of the Great War , alongside his adoptive-brother and best friend, Guard Mark. However, during the last days of the war a criminal broke out and trying to escape. The criminal was able to kill Guard Mark, which brought him to tears and chasing after him. However, on the balcony, he was pushed off the side by the Criminal into the dark abyss as soon the Megaspell payloads was fired at Canterlot.



Great WarEdit

The Last DayEdit

Present DayEdit




Guard Tom's personality is that of unpredictability. He is seen as a quirky, but irritating Guardspony to the rest. With stupid idiotic antics to ridiculous questions, and even questioning authority to Princess Luna during the Great War. His actions however speaks otherwise, with great bravery and courage, he is among the few who fought on the battlefields with harden determination to protect his nation from the threats of the Zebras, even going as far to sacrifice himself to even save another Zebra from its own allies. Due to his kind hearten nature to not only Ponies, but to Zebra. Fluttershy has even offered him to join the Ministry of Peace , but he declined and was happy to be a protector to Equestria and possibly its enemies as well.



Guard Tom, like the other Worthy Knights, were a excellent use of swords. His swordsponyship was greatly shown during the Great War. With this enchanted sword Durandal was able to slice magical energies. This enables him to easily cut any forms of magic cast towards him. This lead him to have the nickname, the Magic Defender.



Guard MarkEdit

Not related by blood, but adopted alongside him. Guard Mark was the closet friend Guard Tom has ever had, and during the Great War, the two were a powerful defense and offensive guard. In all of Tom's life, he always had been protective of his adoptive-brother and when he was killed during a prison break at Canterlot during the Last Day, he broke into tears.

Notes & TriviaEdit

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