Grit by Egophiliac, colored and vectored by Tofu
Full Name Grit
Race Changeling/Unicorn
Sex Stallion
Faction/Role N/A
Family Spark (Father)
Status Alive

Grit is a secondary character of Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Economics.  He works as a caravan guard to escort traders coming and going from Four Shoes, on the outskirts of New Oreins, though he lives in Four Shoes itself.


A unicorn stallion with a sand-colored coat and a purple mane, with a cutie mark of a pistol crossing a shield.  A taller but lean stallion, he typically he wears an armored version of his Stable 15 barding, though it's been patched up and repaired so many times that the blue is all but faded away.


Amicable, cheery, and upbeat, Grit enjoys spending most of his free time socializing with ponies coming and going from Four Shoes, as well as those living in it.  While he loves telling stories of his adventures and exploits, his embellishments seem to always favor making the story more engaging rather than playing up himself, though when his stories are retold to others, Grit's role frequently ends up exaggerated as well.  By all accounts, Grit is a well-respected and beloved member of Four Shoes' community, and has been safely escorting caravans in and out of Four Shoes for many years.

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