I, Gristle, do swear to uphold the laws of Stable 30.
Gristle, introduced during the Prologue: When a Stable Sets Sail, is a unicorn that is the newly appointed Overstallion of Stable 30. he must lead his stable after it is cast adrift in the ocean.

Gristle is a "mane" character in the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Adrift.

Full Name Gristle
Title Overstallion (prologue)
Race unicorn
Sex stallion
Faction/Role Stable 30 Overstallion
Family Mother, Father (deceased), Grandmother
Status Alive

History Edit

Past Edit

Unknown at this time

Present Edit

On the day of his induction as the newest Overstallion of Stable 30, the stable is dislodged from its undersea cliff and set adrift in the seas of the Equestrian wasteland.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

He is a smart, confident unicorn but is prone to bouts of stage freight and other anxieties. He is also in his own head a lot thinking to himself about the situation.

Tagged Skills Edit




Traits Edit

Overmare/stallion Edit

You now hold one of the most powerful roles of any resident of a stable.  With great power comes great responsibility. Charisma +2, Perception +1, and Strength +1 and unique dialogue options with members of your Stable.  This trait is however useless outside your Stable and you lose its effects if you leave.

Spells Edit

Full List of spells can be found here.

Perks Edit

Full list of Gristle's perks can be found here.

Equipment Edit

Delta Mark II Pipbuck Edit

a modified pipbuck prototype used by all the Overmares/stallions of Stable 30, modeled from the Delta pipbucks designed for the Shadowbolts.  It is thinner and lighter than the ordinary pipbuck, while still containing the same basic spell matrix with all the spells of other pipbucks.  It has a built in broadcaster that can remotely access the stable's PA system as well as some military broadcast channels.  It also contains a partial override code for many Stable-Tech operating systems allowing for better ease in hacking (25 less science skill needed for hacking).

Relationships Edit

Mom Edit

Relationship unexplored.

Dad Edit

Relationship unexplored.

Grandmother Edit

Relationship unexplored.

Posey Edit

Gristle's personal assistant whom he has known since he was a foal.

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