Green-Med Pharmaceuticals, or simply Green-Med, is a corrupt drug company in Unscrewed Audio Files.

Green-Med Pharmaceuticals
Leaders(s) Vial
Notable Members Dr. Cortex (Formally,deceased Audio Log #019)
Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Unscrewed Audio Files

History Edit

Before the War Edit

Made and manufactured drugs for equestrian hospitals.

During the War Edit

Began to make more drugs oriented to help Wartime Stress Disorder under a contract with the MoP. They also acquired Ponyville Hospital to use as an illegal testing facility for the drugs. As the war dragged on they began to manufacture and develop more combat oriented drugs that were also tested on the percents of Ponyville Hospital.

After the War Edit


Unique Drugs Made Edit

Though they manufactured many of the commonly used drugs during the war and found in the wasteland, they did make some unique drugs as well.

Cortexaphan Edit

A mysterious drug made by Green-Med to treat metal illness before the war. It was ultimately a failure in its intent, but had a very interesting side effect. The recipient of this drug had a change in brain chemistry leading to the formation of a new hormone, Cortexamine. This hormone is released when the pony is in a near death experience. It can keep a pony in a stable condition until better medical procedures can be administered, but if left alone can accelerate the bodies natural healing factor. Ponies exposed to this drug and subsequently gain Cortexamine have a high tendency to become ghouls. Two known users exists, Screwloose and Vial. This drug is not present in the Wasteland.

Thyrorudin Glucotamine Edit

A drug developed to treat Wartime Stress Disorder by the MoP and manufactured by Green-Med, but has potential to treat other mental disorders. This drug is very rare in the wasteland and has no practical use.

Celestia's Tears Edit

A last resort drug given to ponies on the battlefield. It allows the pony to exert 100% of their strength, even if mortally wounded. 99% of the ponies who use this end up dead once the effects ware off, 1% end up in a vegetive state. The only ponies to survive and not be a vegetable are Vice-General Frostmane and Screwloose. The only supply of this drug in the wasteland are in the power armor of Moonskulls.

Luna's Tears Edit

An enhanced version of Celestia's Tears that was supposed to be more effective and less deadly. Instead it became more deadly with 100% mortality. This drug was only used once by Vial on Dr. Cortex. This drug is not available in the wasteland.

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