Sex Mare
Faction/Role Zebra villagers
Family Unnamed Father
Status Alive

Grasya, is the lone survivor of the Zebra village that was destroyed by Night Sky's mercenary crew in Chapter 3. Grasya appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn. She also appears in the short story: Zebras, by Interloper.


Grasya appears terribly naive. She sees the best in everyone, even ponies. She is discontent with the life she lives in the forest, tired of freezing in the snow. Grasya is an upstart; she set aside the zebra society's values and gender roles in order to do what she felt needed to be done.


Prior to Chapter 3, Grasya and her village were dying off from the cold in the forests of the Northern Wasteland. Her village, lacking in firewood, due to conflicts with pony loggers and their shrinking territory, was freezing to death in the snow. The stallions in the village are few in number and fatigued from working several roles at once, and Grasya, tired of sitting on her hooves, wanted to help take some of the loads off their shoulders. Grasya, despite being told to remain in the village, disobeyed her father and left the village to cut firewood for her village's hearths. She came across a pony named L.J. and his two colts, who she was cornered by; Grasya was forced to kill them, and she returned to her village with firewood. A week or so later, in Chapter 2. Night Sky and her crew, accompanied by Red Dawn, arrived in her village to find the zebra who killed L.J.

Grasya attempted, at first, to turn herself in, but when her father, referred to as 'Zebra Leader' by Red Dawn in narration, refused to let her get taken away. This resulted in the slaughter of her village. Grasya escaped, however, regretful and guilty of her actions. She was stumbled upon by a group of slavers who she thought were travelers, and was enslaved shortly after.


Grasya appears capable in combat, as evidenced by the fact that she was able to slay L.J. and his sons when cornered.

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