Grand Diamond, introduced in Chapter One: Unlucky Genetics though she goes unnamed, is the Overmare of Stable 13 and estranged mother to Clash Coat.

Grand Diamond is a side character in the the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.

Grand Diamond
Full Name Grand Diamond
Title Overmare
Race Unicorn
Sex mare
Faction/Role Stable 13 Desirable, Overmare
Family Luscious (husband), Clash Coat (daughter)

History Edit

Past Edit

Scoring the highest in the history of the stable on her Golden Ratio Exam at birth she was destined to be the next Overmare. When the previous Overmare passed she was given the job and was married to Luscious. Together they had a daughter named Clash Coat, since she failed her Golden Ratio Exam. Grand then gave up her daughter, abandoning her to the undesirables.

Present Edit

Her beauty sleep was interrupted in the early morning with a report that an undesirable was out after curfew, had trespassed in the desirable bathroom, and sexually assaulted a desirable mare. To make matters worse it was her own estranged, now delinquent, daughter Clash Coat.

With help from the security team she cornered Clash in her attempt to escape the stable, but was not prepared for her daughter to begin glowing with an awe inspiring, crystalline glow. In the shock that followed, a security mare dropped a gun which clash used to bargain her way to escape.

Grand was surprisingly sad to see her daughter go, but it was actually good for the stable to have one less undesirable to feed.

At present she is still the Overmare of Stable 13.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

She is extremely selfish and self centered; a product of her papered upbringing in Stable 13. She is however a fair and just leader...when it comes to the Desirables in the stable. She despises the undesirables and never takes their side in any matter.

Skills Edit

Unknown at this point, aside from her beautiful, almost ageless looks.

Relationships Edit

Luscious Edit

He is her very submissive husband chosen for her by the previous Overmare.

Clash Coat Edit

Clash is her estranged daughter whom she abandoned at birth because her coat and mane clashed. Due to her prejudice against undesirables she cut all ties to her and doesn't believe clash has the right to consider her, her mother.

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