Golden Sword
Golden Sword in Power Armor
Title The Knight of the Wastelands
Gender Male
Race Earth Pony
Faction Elements of Harmony (Formally)
Celestia's Royal Guard (Formally)
Knights of the Round Table (leader)
Mane Golden
Coat Blue
Cutie Mark

Shield Represents that he "Protects" and the Lion shows he is brave

Status Alive
I'm going to find my daughter, even if I have to face everything mutant in the Wastelands!
– Golden showing his dedication on finding his Daughter

Golden Sword is a blue pre-War Earth Pony from Stable 111 placed in cryogenic sleep, and was released from reasons unknown, and soon exited the Stable and into the wasteland.


Golden Sword has blue fur and golden eye, with also a golden mane. Before he entered Stable-111, Arthur worn his scabbard, Avalon with his former Holy Sword, Caliburn on his side.


Arthur has shown he possess a very caring personality, helping almost anybody in the Wastelands, including those who was exposed to the Megaspell. However, Arthur still has his dark, cruel side when he was a King back in Albion, with the hatred towards his son Mordred from killing his little sister, but is shown rarely.



Main Article: Arthur Pendragon

Arthur (now known has Golden Sword) was a Earth Pony who was once a royal guard for Princess Celestia. He is also known back then has the Knight of the Sun for sealing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse within the Kami no kēji (神のケージ, Cage of God). After over 20 years, Arthur was married to a Unicorn named Cotton, and after a while had a child.


Before the Great War, Arthur had a wife, and a child. One day while he was watching the TV, a Stable-Tec knocked on their and due to Arthur being a Knight and served Equestria a lot with the Mane 6, he and his family was selected to enter a Stable from any destruction in Equestria. After his robotic butler, Tradesworth said their child needed "Parental Affection", he entered and calmed the child down, with the wife entering and smiled. However, Tradesworth asked he and the wife to come and see this on the TV. After the TV said what launched. The couple ran outside, and was able to enter the Stable before the Megaspell got them. After they were safely in the Stable, they were guided inside, and were ask to wear the Stable-111 suit, and asked to enter the pod, but before he entered he went and comfort his wife and child then entered the pod and closes. The Pony Scientist said it will depressurize and decontaminate Golden, but expect he and everyone else was placed into Cyrogenic-sleep.


Golden Sword was awaken with immense muscle pain, and saw that there were 2 mysterious ponies in the Stable. The scientist looking said that "This is it", with the other armored one saying "Open it" which the scientist opening, and wakening the Wife. The Scientist goes to grab the child but the Wife resist with the Armored Pony raising a weapon, and ordering her to let go. When she didn't, he shot her which killed her, then the Scientist Pony leaving with the Child. The Armored Pony walked up to Golden's pod and said "At Least we still have the Albion" and Golden soon entered cryogenic-sleep once again.


  • High Strength - Has a Earth Pony, he has high strength, but even before the Equestria was set in balefire, he was known to have immense strength, capable of lifting anything at 2 tons. But that was back then, and due to cryogenic sleep, the thawed weakened him to his high-strength. Even so, it shows that he can lift heavy weapons with ease.
  • Supernatural Endurance - Golden Sword has supernatural endurance has he shown to endure a lot of rounds into him, and was able to endure mutants attacks
  • Swordsponyship - Golden Sword is a master swordspony, he can wield any bladed weapon, and use it with ease, swift and skill. Once he was successfully able slash a Hellhound's neck and was able to slash vital points of the Hellhound was ease.


  • Fallout Equestria Golden Sword, is the future of the Earth Pony, Arthur Pendragon (who changed his name to Golden Sword to fit in) who was sent to Equestria by Merlin, and landed in Equestria just soon has the Alicorn Princesses defeated Discord.
  • Golden Sword's story is based on Fallout IV's Lone Survivor story.
  • Golden Sword is based on "King Arthur" who was a master swordsmen, and wielder of Caliburn an Excalibur.
  • When the Armored Pony said "Albion", its a reference to the kingdom of Albion. But In the "Wasteland" Albion is now a word for pure.

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