Race Unicorn
Sex female
Faction/Role Steel Rangers; Junior Scribe
Family unknown
Status Alive

Gingerbread is a Steel Ranger Scribe in training and a companion of Whirling Feather, the protagonist of the story Fallout Equestria: Fallen Angels, due to her interest in the unique PegasusBuck 20 "Salvation" the pegasus possesses.(Note: This wiki page will be upgraded whenever the story gets a new chapter)

(Warning: This page may contain spoilers concerning the story mentioned above)


Born inside one of the Trottingham Steel Ranger regiment's bunkers, Gingerbread has been a part of the Rangers her entire life.

She and a corps of Steel Rangers were send over to the wasteland near to the Griffin Kingdom's border to investigate a potential technology find, made by the group around the pony Silver Tongue. She left half her group behind to investigate as they encountered the wreck of Whirling Feather's vertibuck, leaving her with only two Rangers on the way to the Stable-Tec storeroom.

They teamed up with Silver Tongue's group in search of a pegasus pony who would be needed to unlock the last chamber of the storeroom and due to the of a wasteland trader they found said pegasus in Whirling Feather.

Present DayEdit

After the rest of her group was killed in the Stable-Tec storeroom she thought about returning home without any sign of success, but after she is sees what the PipBuck they recovered is capable of, she decides to stay with Feather's group for further investigations and to avoid a tell-off at her homebunker.


Since she has lived a long time of her life underground among the other scribes her general knowledge about the wasteland comes from the stories told by the rangers on outdoor missions. Although sometimes those stories reflect the truth more often than not, some of the facts she thinks of as true are not more than myths.

Light-hearted as she is she likes to pick on her companions Whirling Feather and Guardian Angel for the strange and one-sided relationships they have. Despite being a unicorn she is easy to impress when it comes to magic of any kind.

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Ranger Scribe Utility Robe - a version of the robe worn by the scribes of the Steel Rangers, modified for the exploration of pre-war facilities. It is equipped with a pair of saddle bags, a PipBuck-like hacking tool, a small binocular and a set of bobby pins and screw drivers.
  • Codex of the Steel Rangers - a heavy red book she carries around in one of her saddle bags. The rules of the order of the Scribes are printed down in it. It also serves as a non-lethal melee weapon.

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