Gibson wiki image
By StormbadgerXIII
Race Earth Pony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Raiders (previous)

No allegiance

Family Raider mother and father, both deceased
Status Alive

Gibson is an Earth pony stallion and a companion of Nimbus in the side story Purity. Prior to the story he was a Raider pony.

He acts as the party's combat expert, due to his experience with large weaponry and several forms of close quarters combat.



Gibson was born to two raiders, somewhere in the Vanhoover region. That's all that will be revealed at this point.

Present DayEdit

<Under construction>



Of all the characters in Purity, Gibson is the most developed in terms of appearance. He is a similar size to Big Macintosh, with a dirty, almost urine-coloured, yellow coat and a mud-brown mane (what little of it there is), with a cutie mark depicting a pony skull.


Gibson is a bit of an odd stallion. He is still very much like a raider, with all the sadism and perversity, but he actively knows it, and is trying to 'rid himself of the disease'. He curses frequently, consumes a lot, walks slowly, and despite being used to carrying Forta, his unique missile launcher, he detests lugging around equipment. He is the least intelligent pony in the group, but he is still notably smarter than the average raider.


Gibson's skill set is limited to killing things, but within that he could be considered a genius (despite his low intelligence). He can utilize some of the larger weapons in the Wasteland, and is deadly in close quarters, using pipes, swords, lances and even his bare hooves with brutal efficiency.


When he is introduced, all he carried was some basic food supply, a sledgehammer and his unique missile launcher, Forta.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Gibson was based off Jericho in concept and Fawkes in allegiance, albeit loosely.
  • Quote from Stormbadger:
"Gibson is the party's walking and (barely) talking reminder of how cruel the Wasteland is, but with a difference. I know the 'tragic backstory' device is overused, but the thing about Gibson is that his backstory wasn't tragic until he realized that it was. He is a living death machine, and is still Raider-y, but is at least making an effort to undo his inherent making."

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