Get Lost
Race Earth Pony

Cyber Pony

Sex Mare
Faction/Role Crimson's Caravans
Family Unnamed mother Status unknown
Status Alive

Get Lost is an earth pony who specialises in tinkering with gadgets. She is a protagonist of the RPG campaign Fallout: Beyond Equestria and is played by Mimezinga.



Get Lost was an orphan. She was actually a Crusader, but a very, very odd one: she didn't like crusading. Instead she passed her days sitting in her room and inventing stuff, or studying how to invent stuff. Her name was gained on the field, since it was the answer she always got when she asked somepony to try her new inventions... everypony knew that whatever Get Lost put her hooves on, was at best a lethal weapon and at worst a humiliating torture for the unlucky guinea pig. Then, her cutiemark arrived: a big, red F on her plot. The mark of failure, the mark of her family. At last Get Lost knew who she was, her legacy and her mission: as every Solaris family member, her goal was to make Equestria a better place and prove that Stable-Tec wasn't even close to the skill of Solaris Inc. so she left her former home in the Chapel and went exploring the family heirloom in the Big 52, but the new resident AI did't want to listen to her and kicked her goodbye, having more pressing matters to discuss with another AI, like, sexy AIs? EEEEW! Anyhoo, Get Lost kept traveling, and it is what she's doing even today.

Present DayEdit


Noble Heart -

Kid -

Copycat -

Bookwright -

Shatara -



Get Lost is a beautiful mare with a white coat and blue mane.


Despite her beautiful physique, Get Lost personality belies her appearance. Fun loving and just a bit silly, Get Lost is a positive and kooky light in the party.


Growing up, Get Lost spent long hours tinkering in her room which led her to be well versed in a variety of technology and general science. She also dabbled in the healing arts, with hopes to being a medic. Both these skill have found extensive use in the crew's journey.


Due a her pacifistic nature, Get Lost refuses to carry a weapon of any kind.


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