Gem & Mini
Gem and Mini
~ DAfavicon Hipponov
Race Unicorn
Sex Both Mares
Faction/Role Zodiac Clan
Family Zodiac Clan
Status Alive

Gem and Mini, a.k.a Gemini are a pair of young Unicorn mares who work as bounty hunters for the Zodiac Clan.



Gem and Mini are part of the Zodiac Clan. They operate as bounty hunters, and are partnered with Taurus. They were sent by the other Zodiacs to capture Blackjack.

Present DayEdit

Gem and Mini ambushed Blackjack in her room in Flank, killing U-21 in the process. They continued to follow after her, getting scared off by a magical energy grenade which made them vulnerable. They worked in sync with Taurus, luring Blackjack into the range so he could get a clear shot at her.


Mini was re-substantiated by one of Blackjack's magic bullets while passing through a wall. Unable to turn insubstantial again, Mini killed herself (with Blackjack's help). Gem then killed herself with an explosive device in an attempt to take down Deus.



Gem and Mini are perfectly identical twins, with albino coats, manes and red eyes.


Gem and Mini are generally perky, appologizing to and lightheartly admonishing Blackjack whilst trying to capture her. The twins are close to each one another, often finishing each others sentences and working in sync. They repeatedly try to get Blackjack to give up. Gem killed herself when she realised Mini wasn't going to survive, giving her life to kill Deus and avenge her sister and Taurus. 


They possess the ability to become insubstantial, ghostlike. They can walk through walls, or simply stick their head through, but can't bring anything but their own bodies with them. They use it for scouting/spotting and surprise. They also have a decent amount of standard unicorn telekinesis.

They are immune to conventional (non-magical) weapons and explosives while insubstantial, a magical attack though, will disrupt their ability, though not harm them.


  • They appear to be based on the two ghost programs (The Twins) from Matrix.
  • The Twins and Gemini are both Albino and they can both phase through objects.