Garnet (Project Horizons)
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Ministry of Peace

O.I.A. mediator

Garnet was the O.I.A.'s mediator with the Ministry of Peace. She was also a member of Cognitum's inner circle and new world order.

Background Edit

Garnet visited Jetstream in Happyhorn Gardens. Jetstream herself was in a terrible state, with her mane prematurely greying. Knowing Jetstream's delusions and fast flying capabilities, Garnet told Jetstream that Big Macintosh and Stonewing were being held prisoner in the zebra capital Roam, showing her bogus photographs and telling her the Shadowbolts and army did not want to risk saving two ponies. Jetstream was immediately blindly convinced, and Garnet preyed on her madness.

Giving Jetstream supplies and a special talisman, actually a megaspell-empowered bomb, Garnet told Jetstream to fly to Roam and hide there for four days until the talisman was ready to activate. She lied that the talisman was a massive teleportation megaspell that would safely transport all the prisoners within ten miles to Equestria. Jetstream flies off to Roam, armed with a detonator that she thinks is a teleportation megaspell, actually a balefire bomb. Roam was destroyed four days later, and the zebras retaliated by destroying Equestria with balefire bombs, thus kicking off the events of the Last Day.

Death Edit

Knowing Psalms' loyalty and devotion towards Luna, Garnet tricked her into thinking that Luna had issued Project Partypooper to eliminate the heads of state in case of a coup, in reality, it would have installed Interministry officers as replacements at every level of Equestrian government. All of the targets on Psalm's hit list were to command EC-1101 and thus Equestria. Psalm assassinated Pinkie Pie minutes before the bomb in Manehattan exploded and went across Equestria carrying out her mission. On her way to kill Mr. House, she encountered Garnet, who had just been banished from Cognitum's new world order and locked out from the Project Redoubt mega-stable.  Outside Project Redoubt's entrance, Psalm realized she was the one who issued Partypooper rather than Luna as part of the new world order.This resulted in Psalm shooting Garnet and leaving her to die.

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