Garador Razorwing
Race Griffin
Sex Male
Faction/Role Dead Boys - Formerly
Family Azrael Razorwing - Daughter

Garador Razorwing - Son

Status Alive

Garador Razorwing is a griffin Frost Windchill following the Dead Boys' assault on Stalliongrad. He is the father of Azrael and Silas, and he is a hunted former member of The Dead Boys.



Born in Seaddle, Garador lost both of his parents at an early age. Finding survival in numbers, he joined a gang known as The Razorwings, a griffin gang known for their use of wingblades and whose name he adopted. Growing up, Garador turned to chems and was eventually disavowed by his own gang after attempting to steal from a supplier. With the domino of withdrawal tipping over to starvation and dehydration, he was left dying on the streets.

It was there that he met Duskfall, a member of the Saviors, a faction similar to The Followers of the Apocalypse of years later. Inspired by stories of better days of old, they sought to bring them back through medicine and education. Duskfall saved Garador's life, and after treatment, he found himself working for the Saviors. The two eventually fell in love and birthed two children to their surprise- Azrael- then Soraya- and Silas.

A fire ravaged the Saviors' clinic in a twist of fate, leaving the Razorwing family to live off the streets. Shortly after, The Dead Boys arrived by sea and took control of Seaddle, declaring martial law. When the Razorwings were recruited, Azrael's unique abilities made her a candidate for one of their gods-turned-flesh leaders, and their family lived comfortably- if not amorally. Disgusted by the Dead Boys' lack of morals in taking jobs and contracts, Garador eventually convinced his family to leave the Dead Boys. The action was tantamount to desertion and treason, and upon their discovery, a bloody firefight ensued which left another Dead Boys leader and Duskfall dead.

The Razorwing family fled across the Wasteland, eventually finding themselves in the northern bastion of Stalliongrad...

Frost's JourneyEdit

Following the Dead Boys' assault on Stalliongrad, Frost located the Razorwings' home and stormed in just in time to witness an altercation between Silas and Langson, proceeding to torture the Dead Boys agent to death soon after. Garador arrived home just afterward, and after a brief moment of hostility, was impressed by Frost's knowledge of griffin customs and gave him an explanation behind the attack.

Both Garador and Silas fled from Stalliongrad after Azrael decided to split off and journey with Frost and Rig. Their whereabouts are currently unknown.



Garador is an older male griffin with a color scheme typical of his species, including a white-feathered head and a brown-furred body. He wears reinforced leather armor with multiple bandoliers.


Garador displays a gruff but reasonable attitude toward others, being hostile toward Frost for intrusion into their home but then conversing in a civil manner after things died down.


Garador has thus far been depicted with a pair of lever-action rifles.

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