There’s not much to do here but merc work. Unless you want to join one of the gangs up in Poneva or be a slaver, you’re just a victim. And I’m not going to be a victim.
Title Mercenary
Race Griffin
Sex Female
Faction/Role Rough Riders, Dusktown 
Family Unknown parents, Bone Charm (adoptive father)
Status Alive

Gail, introduced in Chapter 3, is a member of the ragtag mercenary outfit called the Rough Riders, which is based in Dusktown. She is a minor character that appears in Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn


Gail is a surprisingly well mannered griffon, and is rather easy going despite what she has experienced in the Northern Wasteland. She does not appear to care about zebras, and is unaffected by the mercenary group's confrontation with the zebras in their village, suggesting that she possesses some hidden, sociopathic tendencies. 

She share a family like bond with her fellow mercenaries, and is loyal to them, and the town which she lives in. 


Gail was orphaned when she was just a child when her parents, members of the Talon mercenary group, were killed while on the job. She was then enslaved and traded to slavers North of Ponyville in the Northern Wasteland, where she was rescued by the Rough Riders and raised by her adoptive father, Bone Charm. 


Gail is an expert marksman, demonstrating deadly accuracy when using the sniper rifle that is mounted upon her battle saddle. She does, however, have to hover in mid-air in order to aim accurately. 

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