GDI Kodiak

A Kodiak, ready for take off.

The GDCS Kodiak II was a alien spaceship, piloted by a human crew. The crew and ship belonged to the Global Defense Initative (GDI). The ship was modified for deep space travel, unlike the regular variants which went from Earth's orbit to the Philidelphia Space Station. An unexpected event/explosion causes the spaceship to crash down, onto Equestria, outside Ponyville.

The ship is described as being roughly 230 feet long and painted gold. Appletart Longshot witnesses the crash and investigates the ship. Appletart finds a way inside and explores the ship, finding out that Humans crewed the vessel and write and speak in perfect Equestrian, highlighting that the two languages are the same.

Appletart listens to the final recordings of the ships captain, detailing the war between GDI and their arch-enemies, The Brotherhood of Nod . Appletart temporarily leaves the vessel and becomes trapped under some of the wreckage after a minor explosion which also disables her power armour. Two enclave pegasi arrive and examine the vessel, before returning above the cloud cover to deliver their report on the crash site. Appletart explores more of the vessel and finds the security station, where the large human made Anti-Material Rifle, This Machine is found and acquired by Appletart.

Zyon a Zony gets trapped in the lower levels of the ship and rescued by Appletart. The two escape the vessel as it explodes again. The two new friends leave the vessel behind and rest at Ponyville.


  • Kodiak's were used by GDI during the second Tiberian War & the Firestorm Crisis as flying command posts. They were capable of space travel between the Earth and the Philidephia Space Station.
  • The Alien ship and its seemingly random appearance is a reference to the U.F.O random encounter from Fallout 3.
  • The Kodiak and Alien vessel from Fallout 3 were both carrying highly powerful weapons. I.e, This Machine on the Kodiak and The Firelance in Fallout 3.

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