The Fun Suit Mark I was a type of suit, worn by prisoners of the Ministry of Morale.


The Fun Suit Mk I was originally developed by the Ministry of Morale as a way of incapacitating unruly prisoners.

Made from multiple layers of heavy-duty rubber, the suit would inflate with gas when a certain radio signal was detected, or if the prisoner attempted to remove the attached collar, thus immobilizing them.  The talisman gems used in the Mark One series generated hydrogen, as it was the simplest gas to create and therefore made the suits cheaper to produce en masse.  As a side benefit, it made individual prisoners somewhat easier to move around once restrained.  Deflation procedures were quickly amended to require flame-free environments after the "Meerschaum Incident".

Unfortunately, the radio circuitry in the collars would also short out if the suit was stressed to the point of compromise, igniting the released hydrogen.  The suit's rubber remnants would often be set alight in the process, immolating its wearer unless they were immediately extinguished.  Several deaths and disfigurements (usually caused by negligent rehabilitation specialists) led to development of the Fun Suit Mark Two.

The Mark Two was introduced late into the War and used the more expensive helium talismans.  Any nonflammable gas would have done well enough, but MoM Minister Pie insisted "it's not really a balloon if it can't float".


The Ministry of Morale mainly used them to keep order in its rehabilitation facilities.

The Zoomers have a stockpile of Mark One suits at Nellie AFB.  Ponies who make it past their defenses are often knocked out and put in a suit, then sent into the deadly Casino Royale to find parts for an advanced Auto-Doc.

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