FoE Ouroboros 300dpi scan Edit 1 - Copy (2)
Francium Actinium wearing a modified EVA suit.
alias Fran
Race Unicorn
Sex Mare
Family Lithium - Mother, Deceased
unknown Father
Status Alive
Return to 17

Francium in her modified EVA suit with Jury in hand. [Anthro version]

Francium Actinium (also known as Fran) is a unicorn mare and the lead protagonist in Fallout: Equestria - Ouroboros.

History Edit

Stable 17 Edit

In Stable 17 she was a maintenance pony and was known for her great welding skill, her unique ability to cast the multiple spells simultaneously, and use of the EVA suit

Modern Day Edit

In the Wastelands, Francium is driven to save the remainder of her stable by her feeling of guilt that she was partly responsible for stranding them in the first place. Her lifelong friend, turned lover, Helix, is there to keep her focused and keep her from dwelling on what might have been. However, in an effort to make amends for what she sees as her mistake, she will make rash decision in an attempt to try and make a difference without always considering the consequences; good or bad.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Fran has green eyes and a blue coat. Her 'Engineers Blue' mane has a light blue streak running front to back and the same on her tail. Both her mane and tail are cut much shorter than usual as not to be uncomfortable when working inside the EVA and maintenance suits.

Abilities Edit

Her cutie mark, a trio of overlapping horn flares in red, green and blue with white flares in the centre, represents her ability to not only mix spells but cast up to six different spell types at the same time. She is gifted in use of the EVA suit, and uses a prototype weapon called Jury developed by Arcano Technologies. She can mechanically hack into terminals and PipBucks but can only deal with configurations she is familiar with.

Equipment Edit

  • Jury [L.A.W. Prototype] - A prototype weapon given to her by the head of maintenance, Arc. It interfaces with her PipBuck and allows her to select the type and strength of the shot she makes.
  • Modified EVA suit - An unique piece of equipment in Stable 17.

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