The Forum in the distance, standing atop its mountain.

The Forum is the centerpiece of Roaman society before and even after the Great War. As it is now, the Forum is the HQ of the Legion and the home of the remnants of the Praetorian guard. It was Goldwreath's initial objective to make his way there, and though his trip did not take three days as he had hoped (instead taking one month) he finally arrives there.


The Forum, during the war, was the home of the Emperor and his family, and also the centerpiece of every aspect of the Zebra Roaman Empire. It was heavily guarded, with various branches of Praetorian guards -- split up into several cohorts -- manning stations all over and within the Forum's fortress, and even going so far as to swim within the Tiber river's branch within the walls. It is also the only place that was left completely unscathed by the physical apocalypse, as it is the only place with an invisible energy field surrounding it.


The Forum is very wide, with the fortress itself built upon a mountain in the center. Several kilometers of grassy green fields separates the walls (which can enter a non-physical state when necessary) from the mountain, which can be ascended by a broad marble staircase. The Forum and its walls reside upon a massive artificial plateau of marble, and this plateau, like the Forum, is also heavily guarded. Leading up to this plateau is the Via Triumphos -- the Road of Triumphs.

Internally, the Forum follows the Roaman architectural policies of great size and luxury. Statues and marble columns are everywhere inside, built to accommodate the circular curve of the fortress' structure. Many hallways vein all over the many floors, with one of those halls leading to the guest rooms -- a mountainside set of living rooms with a balcony that can oversee the entire field of green grass. At the very center of all this is the throne room, where the emperor himself stayed.


  • The remnants of the Praetorian guard.
  • Vesperius, the Legate.
  • Zury and Zilly.
  • Servant mares.
  • Goldwreathand co. (Temporarily)
  • Roamana cohort and Equestrius cohort (Temporarily, as garrisons)
  • G.L.A.D.I.U.S


  • Unscathed by the war physically.
  • Center of Roaman society.
  • Home of the Praetorian guards, now all ghouls.

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