Colonel Foehn by pridark
Foehn in Armor by
~ DAfavicon pridark
Title Colonel - Enclave
Race Pegasus
Sex Mare
Faction/Role Enclave - Colonel
Family Turbulence - Brother

unnamed parents

Status Alive

Colonel Foehn is minor character and antagonist in Gaia Prevails. She is an Colonel in the Enclave, and Turbulences older sister.

History Edit

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Foehn is described as a pretty pegasus mare with an pale spring grean coat and a deep emerald mane. She usually wears her custom power armor.

Personality Edit

She is very ambitious, to the point of being a megalomaniac. Although she wants to appear as an hard-ass and claims she doesn't even like her brother, she seems to have arranged for him to easily climb ranks.

Abilities Edit

Her ambition, combined with patience and a high intelligence makes her out to be a dangerous foe.

Equipment Edit

Like every Enclave pegasus of the rank Colonel, Foehn owns a customized suit of Enclave Power Armor. Turbulence mentioned she owns a blue version of the energy weapon, the group found in the Gaia Prevails-facility at Mt Mustang, although when they later meet her Foehn isn't carrying the weapon with her.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • As an homage to the original Fallout: Equestria, Foehn, like Autumn Leaf has a little brother (Turbulence/Calamity) in the main group.
  • The name "foehn" comes from a hot and dry mountain wind, and while there are many types of "foehn", the "foehn" blows in the alps, in the region where John Colt, the author lives.

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