Recently within the past few months, Superstrider, known for the audiobook adaptation of Fallout: Equestria - Pink Eyes, has been producing perler bead pixel art, in the hopes to sell them. This is only a hobby, but amoung the perlers created, several were based on the Fallout: Equestria Universe. This entry has been created in the hopes that they become more well known, and for any other member who creates this type of art can be promoted, as well.

Perlers StylesEdit

A section of the perlers were done in the style of the FF6 ROM Hack, Pony Fantasy 6. This began with the main series' protagonist, Littlepip, but has spanned to characters from the various side stories, as well. This type of perler is the most commonly done.

Velvet Remedy Perler by Superstrider

The other type is basic pixel art, such as the Velvet Remedy image shown.  As of this post, this is the only one that exists in this catagory.

Perler ImagesEdit

The pictures of the perlers that currently have been completed are listed here, aside from the Velvet Remedy image that is listed above. (This section is subject to change, and anyone who has their own done, feel free to post yours as well.)

External LinksEdit

Superstrider on Deviantart - Perlers with prices available there.

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