Fluttershy cottage

Fluttershy's Cottage before the Great War

Fluttershy's Cottage is a location in Fallout: Equestria.


Fluttershy's Cottage is a small animal sanctuary outside of Ponyville that once served as Fluttershy's home and workplace built in 2004. Similar to the Ponyville Library, Fluttershy's cottage appears to be built into a large tree. Following their attack on The Republic, a band of raiders took over and held their prisoners here. In a true act of sadism, the raiders were forcing the foals, who had all been friends in The Republic, to fight each other to the death in their own version of the Pit.

Littlepip and the Wasteland Crusaders manage to kill the raiders and rescue the foals that they took captive. Velvet Remedy, usually a conscientious objector, actually kills a raider here when she sees the perveted deeds being carried out in her idol's former home.


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