Film-bot 6000, introduced in Chapter Eight: Fresh Applewood, is a bounty hunter assultron programed with a twisted version of Flim as a personality.

Film-bot 6000 is an antagonist in the the Fallout: Equestria side story Fallout: Equestria - Ballad of a Crystal Pony.

Sends powerful denigration beams from his horn, but is deadly in close combat.

Flim-bot 6000
Full Name Flim Flam Brother's Super Killer Flim-bot 6000
Race robot, unicorn
Sex stallion
Faction/Role bounty hunter
Status alive

History Edit

Past Edit


Present Edit

He was sent to kill Clash Coat and Nicky by Marker. He was also to retrieve the property Nicky had stolen.

He attacked Clockwork shortly after the Stable Infinity was liberated and ended up trapped in a cave cave in.

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