Flash Industries was a wartime company, specialising in the production and sale of energy weapons.


During the WarEdit

Flash Industries was founded by Diamond Flash, after she left the Ministry of Arcane Sciences. The company specializes in manufacturing energy weapons, and was responsible for the majority of energy weapons found throughout Equestria, particularly their energy rifles, pistols etc.  Their headquarters is located in Hoofington.

Present DayEdit

Flash Industries is the headquarters of the Flash Fillies, a large all-mare gang that operate in Hoofington. They use laser and energy weapons exclusively, mostly found in their base of operations and the surrounding area.


Flash Industries was responsbile for creating a number of products, including...

The AE SeriesEdit

The AE series of laser rifles was created by Flash Industries. The AE series includes the AER, AEP and AET laser weapons.


Flash Industries employed a holographic secretary to meet with clients in their main headquarters.

The F.A.D.EEdit

The Flash Arcane Defense Emitter, shortened to F.A.D.E is a Flash industries shield emitter, designed to resist and repel energy weapons of all kinds. Diamond Flash showcased this device during a convention, showing how it repelled and resisted several Flash Industry weapons firing at it, simultaneously.

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