Final wiki image
By StormbadgerXIII
Full Name Private Final Step
Race Pegasus
Sex Female
Faction/Role Enclave Scout

Unofficial Dashite

Family Unnamed mother

Unnamed father

Status Alive

Final (full name Final Step), introduced in Chapter 1, is a pegasus mare and a companion of Nimbus in the side story Purity. Prior to the story, she was a private in the Grand Pegasus Enclave's Feathertip Scout Batallion, directly under Nimbus.

She acts as the explosives expert and sweet-talker of Nimbus' party, the latter until Stradivaria enters, and becomes the primary motivator.



Final was born in Feathertip, an outlying city in the Enclave's territory. She joined the Enclave's Scouting force around the same time as Nimbus, and

Modern DayEdit

This section will be filled out as the story progresses.



Final is still in her beta design, but it is known that she is a shorter than the average mare, with a light yellow/beige coat, dark orange, curly mane, and blue eyes.


Final is eager to an extreme, jumping into things when it would be considered tactically stupid to do so. She can be a bit dense at points but she is sociable. She seems to be immune to some of the horrific sights and events of the Wasteland. If she is scared of anything, she doesn't show it at all. She is heterosexual.


Final is skilled in the use of explosives, power armour and energy weapons, and has a socialble attitude and can communicate to other ponies effectively.


Nimbus retrieved a set of experimental Scout power armour, a magic plasma rifle and pistol, and a Stealthbuck. She also permanantly carries some pre-War wear and her uniform, and carries an unspecified number of plasma grenades.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Final, in terms of personality, was based around Kamina from Gurren Lagann, albeit a bit tuned down. Her tag skill of Speech reflects his motivational talks and his high charisma.
  • In terms of size, and colour influence she is similar to Whirly Willow, a character created by Puzzle-of-life on DeviantART.
  • Similar to Veronica and her hood in Fallout: New Vegas, Final always wears her pre-War wear when not wearing her armour.
  • Quote from Stormbadger:
"Final's a bit of an interesting case. She's energetic, brash and a little thick, but has a heart of silver (gold is too 'mane'stream) and a powerful voice, and can inspire confidence in just about anypony. While Straddy (Stradivaria) is a silver-tongued seductress, Final is like the Kamina of Equestria's Wastes. No subtlety, no cowardice, always jumping into combats where it would be generally considered unwise to do it. But with a luck of 7, she generally gets away with it."

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