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During the Great War of Equestria, morale was very very low. With all the death and destruction that swept the news on a daily basis, ponies just couldn't see the point of their lives. Luckily, Pinkie Pie, head of the Ministry of Morale, had a great idea. She got Head of Public Relations of Stable-Tec AND long time friend, Sweetie Belle, to do a collaboration of her most famous and loved works. After about 2 weeks of hard work, the double sided vinyl record simply entitled 'Post-War Classics' hit Equestrian shelves. 16 of Equestria's finest hits, all sung by Sweetie Belle, who's magically heart lifting voice seemed to cheer up pretty much every part of Equestria.

Many years later after the megaspells fell out of the sky, very few records remained. The only ones in working and playable conditions were either in Stable-Tec Stables or in Tennpony Tower under the hood of DJ-P0N3. Whatever the case, these records were fiercely sought after, for even in a s***hole place they call the Equestrian Wasteland, Sweetie Belle's voice still soothed the weary and aching hearts of the many wasteland residents.

- - - - -

The vinyl record is the exact dimentions of an actual record (only 3 inches larger than a regular one that is). I had real fun creating this, mainly because of that new 'Love Me, Cheerilee' old timey-wimey remix created by Warbalist. The project also let me experiment with different types of fonts that I downloaded, and let me practice the 'Text along path' thing. I think I finally got it down.

- - - - -

Based off of Kkat's fanfiction Fallout Equestria, and partially inspired by Warbalist's reinterpretation of WoodenToaster's 'Love Me, Cheerilee'.

MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro

Fallout Franchine (c) Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout: Equestria (c) Kkat

Love Me, Cheerilee (c) WoodenToaster and Warbalist

- - - - -

My second contribution to the Fallout Wikia (The first one being the tiny logo you see in the top left hand corner). Not sure what this has to do with the Wiki, but it sure does have something to do with the Fallout Equetsria Universe.

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