Appearances Fallout: Equestria - Little Boxes

"The ends justify the means. Order shall be achieved, no matter the cost."
The Fascists are a faction in the side story Little Boxes, and serve as the story's main antagonists.


The Fascists were founded by Celestia during the War Against Discord as he and her sisters' personal army. After the war ended and they won, they were officially disbanded by the Sisters. In reality, they were told to go into hiding, to try to track down what was left of the Cult of Anarchy. They were the masterminds behind PMP Technology, BIPED frames, and the One-Five Beacon.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

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Behind The ScenesEdit

The Fascists are based off the Order of the Talon from the RA3:Paradox Mod, and the Brotherhood from The Darkness games and comics.

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