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Fallout Equestria and The Number Station is a sidefic of Kkat's Fallout Equestria.

It can be found here on Fimfiction.

Description Edit

Almost fifty years after one specific pony changed Equestria, a new nation struggles to take its first breaths.

There is a story of a special radio signal from before the war. It was said to be capable of telling the future. Imagine if such a tool fell into the hands of evil, the horror that could be wrought?

To save Equestria, one griffon and her comrades must find the number station before the Dreadsaw Legion. Meanwhile the heroes of the past will reunite to save their country from itself.

Premise Edit

Fallout Equestria and The Number Station takes place fifty years after the events of the first Fallout Equestria. 

The story begins in and is largely centered aroud the San Palomino Wastes, a large expansive desert barely south of the Equestrian Wasteland which is now the New Canterlot Republic. The faction in power over the region is the Dreadsaw Legion a massive warrior tribe that holds its citizens to a brutal law. However harsh the Legion has carved out a civilization in the merciless expanse of the San Palomino. 

Artemis is a conscientious griffon that is content to her mediocre life as a caravan guard but all of that will change when she meets a lone stablepony. Soon her life will be turned upside down and she'll be thrown into the epicenter of a battle between the two greatest powers of the wasteland. 


The main party of FoE#.

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