Loyalty takes place in it's own canon verse but is an alternate Universe and as such the timelines will be different. Even though the title is called Fallout Equestria the story itself takes places in the land of Andalusa. The measurement of time can not be translated into human years but for the sake of this timeline each bullet point DURING the great war is estimated to take place at least 7 weeks to a year apart.

Pre-War Edit

Pre-War refers to Andalusas history before the Great War

  • Founding of Andalusa

Pony tribes migrate together and later form the land of Andalusa.

  • The Banishment of Nighttide

Queen Nighttide attempts to usurp her husband King Stellaraie, for fears of his weakness endangering the kingdom but eventually fails and is exiled from the land.

  • The Fall of the first Kingdom

Failing to find a second ruler for the throne, King Stellaraine is unable to keep the kingdom in order and it falls into a state of chaos. It is believed that around this time Queen Nighttide searched minor lands and came in contact with the Zebra kingdoms.

  • The Return Nighttide

After years of exile, Queen Nighttide returned to Andalusa only to find it in ruin. She would gather the remaining survivors and rebuild the kingdom forming the capital of Chromie.

  • The Battle for Chromie

Queen Thrip invades Andalusa, and is later killed in action by Prince Sunlit Night, Nighttides son and current ruler Andalusa. Dark magic is discovered and the practice of it is made illegal

  • Long live the King

King Adum rises to power in the western lands using dark magic to spread his influence. The zebra lands become infected. Prince Sunlit Night and his apprentice Vespier destroy Adums body and banish his soul to the deepest portions of the night realm. The Zebras are left to fend for themselves.

  • To go where nopony has gone before

Vespier surpasses his master and becomes the next heir to the throne.

  • Winter is coming

A great winter sets in on Andalusa freezing everything. Ponies rebuild.

  • Superiority

A fascist regime of pegasi attempt a coup against Prince Sunlit Night. The coup fails.

  • Hail to the Queen

A changeling house occupies a portion Andalusa including the zebra lands for many moons. Rebel factions along with Vespeir take back their stolen land. Prince Sunlit Night orders the complete annihilation of the changeling house.

Great-War Era Edit

(Authors note: Since Zebras originate from Africa I thought it fitting to give Zebras of Aziza some African affiliations, specifically Egypt)

Unfit to Rule

  • The Zebra nation of Azizi increases military spending and shuts down the embassy within Chromie

Announcement from the Zebra Pharaoh of Azizi

“As of this moment it is with a heavy heart that I denounce the rule of Andalusas' legitimacy. Due to their incompetence the world has come under threat countless times over the ages. No more will we sit by and rely on others to save us. I urge our people and the Kelz (Kelz are members of the Zebra council) to take necessary measures to ensure the protection of our nation”

  • In response to these events, the royals of Andalusa call for a meeting with the Pharaoh along with members of the Kelz. A few weeks after the meeting the Azizi nation sends its military close to Andalusan lands to conduct military war games as a show of force, with the approval of Prince Sunlit Night.

Increased Tensions

  • A skirmish breaks out between a squad of Zebra Acolytes and the Andalusan Defensive Guard leaving few causalities. Both sides blame each other for being the aggressor.
  • In an attempt to deescalate already rising tensions the Pharaoh of Azizi agrees to meet with Prince Sunlit only to have his airship shot down as soon as it arrives within Andalusas border crashing into the Hollowed Gorge. The Zebra people grow outraged at this supposed treachery and the Kelz declare war on Andalusa. To this day the Andalusan people deny the assassination of the Zebra Pharaoh claiming unknown forces were at work.


  • Prince Sunlit forces himself to fight for his people on the front lines. While on the battlefield reports claim he refused to kill a single Zebra in hopes that the Azizas would see that cooperation between the species could still be salvaged. Unfortunately he becomes gravely injured and falls to a coma.

Creations of the Ministries

  • With Sunlit Night out of commission Vespier, now Prince Vespier, creates the Ministries leaving his closest friends and relatives in charge of them to assist in the war effort and to help govern Andalusa.
  • Ministry of Magical Research and Development: This Ministries sole purpose is the study and advancement of arcane energy and technology. Their greatess creation at the time was the development of the first artificial alicorns. These alicorns were needed in battle since many of the natural born alicorns were rare and refused to fight.
  • Ministry of Information: This ministry was responsible for both domestic and foreign communications. While many suggested propaganda as a means to rally the people. Prince Vespier denied such an act. Implying that truth is the first casualty of war. He reminded them that their duty was to report truth and only the truth. This Ministry is led by the unicorn Crystal Gaze, a member of the royal family.
  • Ministry of Health: This Ministry was responsible for medical research as well as sustaining the helath and wellness of the civilian population and military
  • Twilights Watch: This ministry was a black-ops Ministry, often working with the Ministry of Information on cloak and dagger projects. This Ministry was not well known to the public and was even kept secret from Prince Vespier for a time
  • Ministry of Engineering: A branch of the government that developed and researched advanced technology for civilian and military use.
  • Most ponies refer to the Ministries as M.A.I.H.T.E

A New Order

  • Members of MAIHTE, especially the Twilights Watch and the Ministry of Information, and other heads of companies form a secret society whose goal is to end the war by any means necessary and the complete eradication of the Zebra homeland. Forecast is one such member, who is a close friend of Syringe, the head of the Ministry of Health.


  • Forecast convinces Syringe into having her ministry create a magical device, powered by immense magic that will bring the dead back to life. This would be called Project Resurrection.

The Alicorn Program

  • The success of the MTS (Magical transformation serum) by Moonlights Ministry of Arcanism creates the first artificial Alicorn dubbed the 1st generation Alicorn. Which will be used on the battlefield. Dimly-Lit one of the employees on the program becomes fascinated with Alicorns as a whole and starts her personal studies into them.

The Loss of One

  • Forecast gets the sad news that his son has died on the battlefield before Project Resurrection could be implemented and becomes depressed. This is where he starts doubting the agenda of The New Order and makes an effort to stop it. He meets in secret with another colleague and they manage to some degree stop the construction of special Bunkers meant to experiment on the populace, by re-writing the original blueprints into regular bunkers.

Her Studies

  • While Dimly-Lit continues her journey into the study of Alicorns she meets with Moonlight in hopes that he could give her answers on Queen Nighttide. Moonlight refuses to answer further questions when asked about eternal night.


  • Forecast finds out that Cloud Duster (A Pegasus and one of his colleagues) stole Resurrection blueprints from the Ministry of Health and gave it to the Zebras. Forecast confronts Cloud Duster and ends up killing him.


  • Andalusa discovers the magic of stealth buck technology which grants anypony who wears one to turn invisible.

A timeout

  • After learning more about Queen Nighttide Dimly-Lit travels to the Chromie library and goes missing for a few weeks.

Reveal of the Silver Knights

  • Apple Lemonade and her Ministry of Engineering unveil for the first Silver Knight power armor

Stable X

  • Stable X gets built within Chromies Mountain

Honor the Contract

  • After being discovered by the New Order Forecast escapes an assassination attempt by a Griffin Mercenary and is put under the protection of Prince Vespier. It is here he reveals to her what The New Order is and their agenda.

Her Return

  • Returning after several days Dimly-Lit decides to join the Alicorn program. When she emerges she is takes the new title of Nighttime-Eternal.

Put things right

  • The Ministries take charge in building new Bunkers without the experiments. Not all experimental Bunkers were founded as The New Order burnt all records of their existence and the findings had to be done on Forecasts memory

Their Darkest hour

  • A spy for Twilight's Watch headed reports that the Zebras have created a superweapon using shadow magic. Which was only ever discovered after the defeat of King Adum.

The Gen 2 program and the draft

  • The demand for more alicorns grow and a faster version of the MTS is produced. This creates the Gen 2 alicorns however a Gen 2 alicorn had major side effects. The high demad for soldeirs forces Vespier to impliement a draft


  • The Weather Pony Project is created as a form of whether manipulation

Birth of the Grand Pegasus Enclave

(note: Enclave is best faction)

  • The pegasi within the Ministries start doubting the war effort and the draft only increased the amount of disloyalty

Pegasi Power Armor

  • Sky Tec, a private corporation invents the new Pegasi power armor with the help of the Ministry of Engineering, and the Twilights watch.

Can’t we all just get along

  • With paranoia and prejudice on the rise, Moonlight, Apple Lemonade and Syringe make efforts to produce a community where ponies and Zebra citizens live in harmony. The experiment would have volunteers live in one building

The End

  • Unicorn magic ceases to function all across Andalusa as Zebra missiles full of dark magic nullifies their abilities as they detonates in mid-air.

We are leaving

  • Prince Vespier orders the evacuation of all Andalusans into the Bunkers. Fortunately he has enough magic to defend Andalusa from a second wave of missle attacks. Vespier is presumed KIA.

Buck this I’m out

  • The Pegasi form a single cloud cover above all of Andalusa, eventually this single layer of cloud retreat opening the sky to the ponies below but at the reluctance of the new pegasus union.

A new Day

  • Nighttime-Eternal who escaped in Stable X within Chromie mountain forms the Accord with the help of the descendants from the Ministry of Arcanism.

The Union

  • The Pegasi that escaped the Great Calamity formed the Pegasus Union. An alliance between various provinces above the cloud curtain. They would later form the enclave military to protect and serve it's interest

Current-Era Edit

This era refers to 300 years after the Great War

Fallout Equestria Loyalty begins

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