Cover art by C-Puff and starshinecelestalis

Fallout: Equestria - Wild Chains was written by Chant and is a side-story to Fallout: Equestria. This tale is about Wild Chains, an ex-slave earth pony, fighting to re-gain the old life she used to have before it was stolen from her. She must work together with her friends to rebuild her life and discover herself.

Synopsis Edit

What do you do when your life is turned upside down? How do you know who you are when you never got the chance to discover yourself? For Wild Chains, this is her daily struggle. After being thrust into a world of chaos, she must fight to get her life back, and find out who she is. But it won't be that easy. She must also help the ponies of the wasteland free themselves from a terrible crime organization that is getting help from a powerful and unknown source.

Setting Edit

This story takes place twenty years before Kkat's original Fallout: Equestria. While it does take place in the world Kkat created, much of it takes place in a small pocket of Equestria called the Pommelwealth. This story is also based, loosely, off of Fallout 4.

Characters Edit

Wild Chains Edit

Formally called Sandy Hooves, she is the main character of the story. After being sold into slavery as a child, Wild feels that her life, as well as her identity, were stolen by her captors. After she finds her freedom, she must re-discover herself and find her missing family in the process.

Amora Animalia Edit

Amora is Wild Chains' older sister and veterinarian working in Sanctuary. After she was separated from her family, Amora found herself in the small town and made a life for herself as Dr. Animalia. She is a talented unicorn.

Astral Pen Edit

Amora's very special somepony. Astral is a unicorn and writer trying to sell her stories to travelling ponies, who come to Sanctuary. She also helps Amora around her clinic. Before she moved to the small village, she used to be Valentine's receptionist and is a good friend of the detective.

Read Edit

This story is still being written and is in the very beginning stages. Some things will be edited later as the story continues. However, if you would like to read what has been done so far, you can do so on Google Docs or on FimFiction

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