Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Knight, is a side-story following the exploits of a Pre-War stallion named NanoGram, who was merged into a statue of a knight by the pink cloud, and awakens 200 years later to find that Equestria has been transformed into a wasteland.

The main protagonist; NanoGram, is an ex Steel Ranger, who was resurrected by a medical Megaspell, and later honorably discharged from active service following an extreme episode of post traumatic stress related panic attacks caused by his brief moment of death. He wakes up encased in stone, having fled Canterlot just as the shield was dropping, but did not manage to escape the cloud.

Along with a sword (previously a statue sword, and a riot shotgun; merged into a smaller, metal bladed sword) formed by the cloud, Nano has a busted pipbuck that has no working S.A.T.S, and a Unique shotgun that has been modified in several ways by the original owner. The shotgun being fitted with a rifled lead pipe as a barrel, an added mouth grip from a sniper-rifle on the left side, a backwards variable zoom scope, and a recoil-reducing talisman welded into an unused drum mag.

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