Fallout Equestria: Ties, written by MrAlterad, is the story Winter Rain, a mare who's lived alone on an isolated island in the east Equestrian seas. Forced from her island, she seeks Tenpony Tower at behest of her father for the promise of safety and security. However she finds evidence that her family features are a threat to Equestria, and is torn between learning more in the wasteland, or seeking safety in Tenpony.

Shelter's Crew BG(1)

Main Characters Edit

  • Winter Rain - Terribly naive to the dangers of the wasteland. Rain is bold and steadfast against adversity. Thanks to her mothers tutelage she's knowledgeable about medical sciences. Rain always chooses to take action over inaction. She's an sky blue earth pony with a grey ponytail mane, her cutie-mark being a cloudy full moon with a golden note imposed over it. Her mother deceased, and abandoned by her father, Rain has learned to survive on her own on her isolated island.

  • Solar - A coward trying to please his families interests in navigation. Solar has a love of robotics and explosives. This pegasus has a short dark green mane, and a yellow coat. His cutie-mark is a compass, its arrows pointing east and west.

  • Mek - A gear-head who is overly-protective of anything she loves, especially her engine. This bulky unicorn prefers to do things the earth pony way, getting her hooves dirty when she works her craft. With an orange coat, her red mane hiding her horn, she has a cutie-mark of a wrench, a red heart embedded upon the handle.

  • Tabben - An arrogant sociopath who uses fire spells to incinerate his foes. He's terribly murderous to anypony that threatens a friend, and fancies himself the greatest thing to happen to Equestria since the world ended. This unicorn has a beige coat and striped orange and yellow mane. He wears a soot covered cloak to hide his features, well, besides his lovely face anyway.

  • Golden Blur - A sticky hoofed filly that loves to race and take what isn't hers. This pegasus isn't afraid to help her friends in any way she can. She has a copper coat with a golden mane and tail, both are braided. She hasnt gotten her cutie-mark yet, an oddity for a filly as old as she is.

Setting Edit

  • Taking place in the eastern Equestrian seas, islands devastated by the Equestrian megaspells dot the ocean.

Can be Read Here Edit


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