The Other Side is a side story to Kkat's Fallout: Equestria. It is written by Cyclone Flashie, and it considered a successor to the deleted The Last Wanderer due to using the same protagonist and being written by the same user just under a different name.


Finding yourself out in the unknown is never a good thing, especially for one pony. After waking up outside of his home of Stable 30 with no clue on what happened, nor what was going to happen, the now abandoned stallion left out in the open must adapt and survive to the Wasteland which surrounds him.

But just how long would it take before the Wasteland overwhelms him completely?


Volume I - Beginnings Edit


"We're all ponies, aren't we?"

Chapter One: BeginningsEdit

"How did I end up out here? No... Why did I end up out here?"

Chapter Two: New FacesEdit

"You know what my momma said: never speak to strangers."

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