The Last Wanderer is a non-canon sidestory spin-off of Fallout: Equestria, written by TornadoFIM

Fallout Equestria: The Last Wanderer is a sidestory written by TornadoFIM. 

Cover art

by Ginger-Jelly.


Welcome to the Wasteland kid, where the going is always tough and nopony likes you - try not to die?

Tornado Dash wakes up outside his former home of Stable 30 with no clear intentions, only knowing he is stuck outside the heavy metal door with no hope of return. Unaware of how he came to be outside he eventually stumbles his way into the light, and finds the ruined nation of Equestria in all of its glory. Visions soon plague him and he convinces himself that his sister is still among the living - and with his rag-tag band of friends and a whole lotta' ammunition, Tornado intends to reunite with her and complete his family once more.

But can one blue Pegasus really save the morbid and horrific wasteland from... itself?


Main Characters

Tornado Dash
Swift & Cyber


Act OneEdit

Act One starts from Chapter One and finishes at Chapter Eleven. The entire act revolves around Tornado's first moments out in the Wasteland, where he meets Crystal, Dodge and Violet. Tornado (for the majority of this act) barely knows about anything in the Wasteland and only has one purpose of being out there: to find his sister. And that is the task he has set on his mind. Another task at hoof is set for Tornado in Chapter Seven when he reads the files stored on an Enclave database about the "Termination of Stable 30". Tornado is enraged by this, thus starting another story arch in the fanfiction.

Act TwoEdit

Act Two starts from Chapter Twelve and is the current act that is being written. This act focuses on Tornado's relationships with his companions, despite his main task still at the top of his mind. Later on in this act, Tornado seems more distressed and seems to blame himself for actions that were not his own and it takes a toll on Tornado's emotions. However, in this act, two major events have been triggered; The first being Tornado having his eye ripped from his eye-socket after he rushed in on a Griffin Posse. The other being Dodge's sudden death at the end of Chapter Sixteen after being shot in the neck, and the bullet tore its way through his air-pipe and the top half of his lungs, resulting in a slow painful death for the stallion More is to be added on this act later...



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