I will make amends to you Miss Doo! Just need to first make amends to an entire town.
– Snow Bound (Xentomi Gamachi)
Xentomi FoE
Xentomi when he first wandered the wastelands.
~ DAfavicon Cazra
Full Name Snow Bound (Xentomi Gamachi is his Virtual Name)
Title Newbie! (Given by Xavia)
Race Unicorn
Sex Male
Faction/Role Stable 114
Family Green Mist (Earth Pony Mother)

Black Hammer (Unicorn Father)

Status Alive

Xentomi is a player character protagonist in the Fallout Equestria tabletop RPG campaign  The Iron Prince.



Xentomi, former resident of Stable 114, where he was used as some sort of battery and living most of his live in a virtual pre-war town, where it residents were supposedly being protected of their innocence from the wastelands. It was 21 years later, that Xentomi would be awakened by a mare named Gidget to help her on a quest to find the Iron Prince, though through unconventional means of threats with bombs attached to their pipbucks. He now travels with a ragtag of 3 other stallions and a hippogryph. Since then, Xentomi has gotten into some awkward social situations, leading him to be disliked by Ditzy, who he is desperately trying to make amends with, but sadly is blocked due to some issues with Zombies and no proof of zombies destroying the building his party and himself tried desperately to defend...

Present DayEdit

Xentomi now travels with his companions still, travelling the wasteland with his friends and his assistant Xavia (Though it seems she is giving him more lessons than him teaching her). In the long run, he is still going on and about helping the party to disable this wretched machine known as the Iron Prince, which he would have accepted regardless, though being threatened by a black plug in his pipbuck. But in other sidetracked scenarios, he helped with the Muffin King and stopped a Genocide of the ghouls with the help of Cookie Cake in Sheet Rock! In most recent happenings though, Xen is deciding on one thing to rid of the black plug without tampering with the pipbuck: Dismembering his own leg in place of a mechanical one if he can find materials and the equipment to do so.



Xentomi is a medium sized Unicorn, sporting his gray coat and his reddish brown mane. He is pretty lean, sporting a beard on his chin, which weirdly nopony ever compliments or says anything about. Xen holds a steel canister on his saddle to hold his supply of water for use with his magic and such! Other than that, he sports two laser pistols, a sniper rifle, and a set of MK III Everfree Scout Barding currently, and hopes to someday upgrade to the more powerful Power Armor.

His Cutie Mark is of a Yin-Yang symbol in the shape of a snowflake!






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