Against such overwhelmingly equipped adversaries and accounting for environmental conditions, we have roughly a 11.4% chance to make it through alive... but with some additional calculations with the laws of improbability, that means we are almost certain to win!
– Spectrum Square
Spectrum Square
Spectrum square fallout edition by cazra-d6bq13m
Spectrum Square with Kenpachi Ramasama
~ DAfavicon Cazra
Full Name Spectrum Square
Title Mathemagician
Race Unicorn, Cyberpony
Sex Male
Faction/Role Stable 113, Technology Archivist
Family ???
Status Alive

Spectrum Square is a player character protagonist in the Fallout Equestria tabletop RPG campaign  The Iron Prince.



Spectrum Square was born in Stable 113, approximately 200 years after the Great War. Like all ponies in Stable 113, he was required to receive experimental cyberpony upgrades when he received his cutie mark or else be exiled from the Stable in 3 years.

He agreed to receive these upgrades, but there was a mysterious glitch in the OverMAIRE (OverMare Artificial Intelligence and Regulatory Entity) system that nearly destroyed him during the surgery. He survived after being immersed in a nanite slush bath, but he didn't appear to have any visible cyberpony upgrades. His pipbuck, however indicates that several upgrades were installed inside him, most of which are locked by a magical cryptograph.

After this incident, he occasionally experienced bursts of wild magic which temporarily seemed to augment local reality, usually with embarrassing side-effects. Aside from these events, he excelled at math and computers, and he eventually worked in the Stable as a technology archivist. He also repaired the spritebot, Kenpachi Ramasama, who became his helpful, but often annoying, mechanical companion.

Present DayEdit

Spectrum Square left Stable 113 after a mysterious mare named Gidget Wrench sent a message telling him to meet at some abandoned ruin in the surface world. For good measure, Gidget also black-listed Spectrum Square in the Stable's OverMAIRE system, forcing him to leave.

Once he arrived at the rendezvous location, he met Gidget Wrench and the other protagonists of the The Iron Prince TRPG campaign. Gidget briefed the party with a short war-time video about a cataclysmic robotic armor called the Iron Prince built by the genius Equestrian war-time inventor Gear Boks. She tasked the protagonists to find the Iron Prince and destroy it, before it could be used to exterminate the entire surface world. To make sure that they would comply with this mission, Gidget equipped all of the protagonists' pipbucks with an explosive black plug which she could detonate remotely. From there, the adventures began...



Spectrum Square has a light-grey coat, turquoise-green hair, and woody-brown eyes. He wears rectangular spectacles, a tattered blue cloak, and saddlebags filled with graph notebooks, writing and measuring instruments, computer repair tools, and various spare electronic parts.

His cutie mark is a triad of colored squares of differing sizes. The largest square is red, the middle square is green, and the smallest square is blue, related to the RGB colors that make a pixel. 

His body is very meekly built, noticably smaller and weaker than most stallions. 


He's typically somewhat shy and modest about his abilities. However, he can become quite enthusiastic about subjects such as math, computers, science, old technology, and pre-war fiction, especially in context to a series of space adventure comics featuring Dash Galaxy and her sidekick Sparkle Nebula.

He tries his best to help the other protagonist, whom he views as his friends. He isn't sure whether the other protagonists count him as a friend though, and sometimes he goes out of his way to make himself useful to try to earn their friendship. 

Despite his normally meek personality, he is frequently the most level-headed and decisive member of the protagonists. As a result, he sometimes finds himself filling the role as leader of the group.


Spectrum Square is exceptionally knowledgeable about mathematics, computers, and electronics in general. Using these skills, he cracks codes to get the protagonists into secure ruins, hacks into robots, invents various electronic tools, and leverages probability to win at gambling. From his exposure to documents, scientific papers, and comic books from before and during the great war, Spectrum Square also possesses some useful knowledge in context to facts about various locations, organizations, and historical factions.

He is also talented at casting spells to conjure programmed force-pixel automatons and spells to manipulate local geometric spaces to create shortcuts in space and open up tiny pocket dimensions to store loot. 

As a cyberpony, he is installed with various cyborg components. However, he has no visible exterior components, and most of the components inside him are locked with a highly secure magical cryptography. Over time, he's managed to hack into and activate some of the experimental technologies installed in him:

  • Infinite improbability chip: In desperate situations,he can cast a unique spell to augment the constants and improbabilistic models of the local universe to put him and his friends in more favorable circumstances. Since this often results in temporary but embarrassing side-effects (such as being changed into a mare or regressing into a child) and exhausts nearly all of his magical energy, he reserves using magic through this chip only as a last resort. 
  • Cyber mind-link: He can directly access nearby wireless-enabled devices with his mind.
  • Nanite blood: After his exposure to the ninite slush bath,his blood slowly changed to a violet blood-like nanobot mixture with unknown properties. 
  • Metal skeleton: Over time, the nanites in Square's blood converted his natural skeleton into a metalic form. He can use magic to overclock his new cybernetic skeleton, significantly increasing his athletic abilities for short periods of time.


Spectrum Square doesn't wield any weapons on his own. Instead, he reengineers various firearms to equip to his spritebot, Kenpachi Ramasama, who he then remote-controls to use them in battle. 

While still a resident of Stable 113, he upgraded his pipbuck to have additional storage space, which he fills with a library of ancient electronic documents, suites of utility software he's programmed, and an extensive collection of Dash Galaxy comic books in electronic format. During the events of ghoul lynchings in Slate Rock, he upgraded his pipbuck to make use of a customized Pipbuck Star Build OS, which has advanced hacking subroutines and is able to project interactive 3D holograms.

In his saddlebags, he carries various small electronic parts, computer repair tools, and graphing notebooks filled with math, programming, and engineering notes. As he's travelled the surface world and visited ruins of parallel worldlines, he's also collected some fan-merchandise items of the Dash Galaxy comic series. A few more notable fan-items he possesses are an autographed Dash Galaxy badge, an Official Dash Galaxy Cadet Blaster attached to Kenpachi Ramasama, and an Official Sparkle Nebula Laser Refraction Cloak.



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